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Our Experience is Your Asset

Our customers frequently call on our expertise to manage a project from initial concept to completion, essentially 'releasing a product to market'.

Time to Market..... think of it as Time to Profit

Your project starts with our initial review of the drawings / specifications to determine suitability and best manufacturing practice. HQC may identify alternative manufacturing processes or materials to optimise the product design. Once the principles are agreed a sample or prototype can be produced to allow physical or market evaluation.

A good start is half the battle

Additionally, HQC will generate Engineering Drawings and BOMs to complete the service. On final approval of the manufacturing documentation, volume production can progress in the sure knowledge that key issues have already been resolved.

The HQC Engineering Change Note (ECN) process controls subsequent change to product specification. This ECN process allows us to plan an agreed implementation date taking into account, current Inventory, Process resources, etc.

HQC has strategic alliances with a wide network of suppliers offering a wide variety of engineering solutions. Our comprehensive package takes you from initial feasibility and costing to prototype parts and finished components.

HQC will :-

deliver to your production line for assembly


pack and deliver direct to your customer.

Our prestige customer base, vast project management experience and total quality culture are your assurance of a job well done.”
Project Management