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Over the last 5 years HQC has invested substantially in Paint plant capabilities. The investment has been critical to HQC achieving the high quality finish demanded by the markets our customers operate in. The current plant was designed and installed in 2000 by Mindon Engineering of Nottingham.

Powder coating offers customers an environmentally friendly alternative to wet painting. It is also more durable and available in a greater variety of colours and finishes from smooth surfaces to wrinkled textures. It also has better corrosion protection.

Our paint plant is fully conveyorised and features an initial phosphate pre-treatment, two electrostatic paint guns with fast colour change facility and finally gas ovens to fully cure the powder.

A range of other finishes such as Plating (Zinc, Chromate, Tin & Nickel) and Anodising are also provided by HQC on a sub-contract basis.

Photo courtesy of Mindon-Engineering